BVL Group – Banking project

Without hesitation I can heavily recommend the company for the very thorough
attention to detail and quality it offers. This being a financial-based enterprise,
strong security know-how and a deep knowledge of the programming stack
ecosystem is something we value highly and in this respect we can confidently
state that we have always been very satisfied by solutions delivered by Intami-
Marek Gruszecki.

Intami – Marek Gruszecki has historically been always assigned the more difficult
aspects of our architecture and delivery in light of excellent skills of people
employed by Intami. In our opinion the knowledge and creativity of the company
resulted in very impressive results that go considerably beyond what is normally
attainable in the given timeframe.
The company’s services are therefore easily strongly recommended and I am
looking forward to working with it again for any future project.

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Intami – Marek Gruszecki

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01 – 519 Warszawa

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