Some of our projects

Bike Monitor – Bicycle Registration System

Registry system of new bicycles Bike Monitor created to meet needs of Polskie Stowarzyszenie Rowerowe (Polish Bicycle Association). Bike Monitor  consists of two applications:

  • App for Stores – enabling store workers to assign a newly bought bicycle to its owner.
  • App for Bicycle Owners – Enables managing of owned bicycles, such as reporting a theft or reassigning bicycle over to a new owner.

Mobile sales platform

An Online Store designed for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The store enables to set up categories and look for products using a Full Text Search feature. Integrated online payments allow to shop quickly and easily.

Booking System for Clinics and Medical Practices Network

A Platform designed for a network of Medical Practices and Clinics that allows you to make an appointment with a doctor and a specialist. Thanks to the system patients can now book visits in a time, date and place that suits them the best. It is even possible for a patient to get a text message or an e-mail reminding about the oncoming visit a day before.

Online Tournaments –

The website is an intellectual entertainment, where you can win some money. Players participate in a game that they have to pay for allowing them to win a prize. The game itself is an interactive quiz where players have to give correct answers and show their knowledge about various topics. The system is integrated with online payments, includes ranking system and playing statistics.


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