Complex problem solving
Complex problem solving

We create customized solutions in response to the individual needs of our customers.

Reliability and the highest quality of solutions
Reliability and the highest quality of solutions

With years of experience in the IT industry we provide solutions of the highest quality.


After completion of work we provide proper operation and maintenance of the implemented system.

How do we work ?


By analyzing the needs of our customers we help to transform their business ideas into a coherent and effective product. The result of our work is a documentation of a functional specification or a complete functional-technical project describing the analyzed system in detail. In the case of large, integrated IT systems we create a feasibility study to detect inconsistencies in the proposed system, as well as at the interface with other systems with which the integration will occur. We also specify equipment requirements for emerging solutions and changes to be made in the external systems so that the system can work efficiently and reliably.


The Intami project team is supported by the work of graphic designers and specialists in the field of usability. Together, we are working on the aesthetics and intuitiveness of our system, so that the proposed, and then executed, graphic design for the interface is user-friendly and functional.

Execution and implementation of the system

During the execution phase we work closely with the client, allowing them to control the programming process. After conducting successful software testing, we start to carry out data migration from the previously used IT system. Each implementation is determined individually and may take place by means of the network prepared by the client, or on the Intami network. As part of the implementation of the system we also conduct staff training and education for persons administering the new system.

Maintenance and improvements

After implementing the system, we offer our customers a maintenance service. Our specialists work on the proper functioning of a system seven days a week, 24 hours a day, so that the customer does not have to worry about the fluency of work within the software. We also provide services related to the development of a system by the rapid change and adapting software to the new business opportunities of the company and market conditions.


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